The story of Ichiwa revolves around seven protagonists. Six of them (minus Ichiwa) are pictured above. They are as follows (left to right)

*warning, major spoilers for some arcs*

At a glance Kozuka is so unassuming that he's suspicious, but he's just suspicious enough that people forgive him for it. He is very friendly and charming, but often says things that could be mistaken for sadistic and/or sexual, causing him to apologize profusely and elaborate. He has no interest in fighting but appears to have an extensive knowledge of it, and will gain a stalker-like affection for certain people, such as Teratin and Noa. While he acts awkward and airheaded at times, it is clearly a ruse to make him seem less imposing. He carries around an enormous book full of intricate anatomy sketches, but will get defensive at the term artist, saying he wants to know everything he can about people, even if it means dissecting them. While he has high regards for some people, he is downright disdainful of others- Honemei in particular, and takes immense pleasure in taunting those people. He has no hatred for his enemies, and sometimes seems to regret his sadistic nature. His power is the ability to sieze control of other people's energy, making him immune to their attacks, or even able to use them against them.

After he and Ichiwa first stumbled upon each other, he developed a childlike attachment to her, stalking her everywhere and following her every command, except the ones about leaving her alone. While he has the intense power to change the form of anything he touches, he rarely uses it on anything but himself, dispersing into a flock of white butterflies when he senses danger. His extreme pacifism and innocence put him at odds with his makeshift teammates, but also endears him to them. He will do anything to stop people from hurting each other, but often it only leads to more violence due to his unwillingness to act. He would clearly throw himself off a cliff at Ichiwa's command, arguably Tatsumaru's as well, but as time goes on he begins to develop opinions and intelligence at a rapid rate, coming in to his own, but still maintaining his policy of nonviolence. There are times when he displays a feral, almost psychotically violent side, but despite loosing humanity entirely in this state, he remembers everything he does and becomes horrified with himself. Despite being able to speak, he cannot write, eat with utensils or understand humor, and is embarassed by his incompetance.

Tatsumaru Oboro
Tatsumaru is the son of the head of a paradise on earth island, where he has everything he wants when he wants it. Instead of becoming spoiled, he develops a destructive, psychotic personality to amuse himself, claiming not to be interested in anything but sex and violence. He teases and even seemingly hates Ichiwa, whom he finds boring, shallow and ugly, but deep down inside is just jealous that her life has been difficult and his hasn't. When not entirely deranged, Tatsu can be very charming, funny and likable. He takes every opportunity he can to solicit anyone other than Ichiwa. If he senses someone is particularly worth his time he will cling to them and become very submissive. Despite being almost entirely opposites, he considers Honemei his best friend, and one of the only people he trusts. When acting sane, he speaks, dresses, and acts normally. When acting like himself, he draws out vowels, speaks in a mistakably female voice, and gives people cutesy, repetitive nicknames. He seems to have genius qualities that rival Kozuka or Noa's, but most of the time he is too dense to use them to his advantage. Tatsumaru has no ability beyond his bladed gauntlets, insane flexibility and fighting prowess, but with his mind the way it is, that's all he needs to be one of the most dangerous of the main seven.

Rihei Sanshiyo
Rihei is often regarded as 'that cool, aloof guy" and he has a way of making people feel guilty like no other. However, he has a dangerous temper hiding under the surface, and is disastrously possessive of the few people he values. Should any harm befall The Shirokuro house, he is quick to snap. His friendship with Teratin borders on obsessive idolization, and it is said he's part of the reason Noa is unlucky in dating. When Ichiwa seemingly maims her brother, something in him snaps, and he focuses all this raw energy on punishing her. In terms of power he has the very common ability to shift earth, so he tries harder than anyone else to stand out. His obsessive desire to overcome his normallity makes him far stronger than Noa or Teratin in some aspects, as he never understimates an opponent. If anything, he's paranoid and too serious, not enjoying activities that most people consider fun.

Noa's cute appearance and lack of emotion makes her a frequent object of fascination. Despite being tiny and girlish, she speaks in a manner so blunt that it�s almost impossible not to be offended by her. Noa's stoicism and lack of filter is a result of her power- her eyes can decipher what her opponent is thinking by the slightest inflection of their face- even someone like Rihei has trouble with her- but instead of helping her in social matters it isolates her, causing her to act on what she reads instead of what people say. This isolation caused her to abandon her friends for several years while she pursued a higher position in the military. On top of her eyes, she wields a weapon the size of her body, though nobody is sure how she manages it. She lacks the edge of an elemental ability and the strength of her teammates, but makes up for it by being analytically gifted and ridiculously fast.

Teratin Shirokuro
Despite being the best liked and most naturally gifted of his friends, Teratin hates fighting, and seems to get less motivated with age. This is due to his hatred of being special and his desire to be more like Rihei, who doesn't naturally stand out from the crowd. He is very trusting and friendly, and seems far healthier than Rihei or Noa at a glance. Deep down inside he is self hating, guilt-ridden and in denial of Ichiwa, Rihei, and Noa's flaws. He would give up his life for any of those people in the blink of an eye, and does everything he can to deter Rihei from thinking about, pursuing or otherwise mentioning Ichiwa, for fear that they'll kill each other. He, like Rihei, underestimates Noa's ability to take care of herself. Like his sister he can summon, shatter, and wield mirrors, giving him an unlimited arsenal of blades.

Ichiwa *not pictured*
Beautiful and Aloof, Ichiwa is the epitome of the term 'ice queen.' She uses and disregards everyone around her, and runs away when she feels she is getting too close. Under her harsh exterior lies a very lonely and frightened young woman, who only wants to find peace within herself. She truely does love her friends, despite her many attempts to abandon them. When it comes to fighting, Ichiwa's natural skill far surpasses any other character, but her potential is limited by her own lethargic behavior. She has no motivation other than survival. Ichiwa has the power to summon mirrors and break them, using the shards as projectile weapons. She can also create illusions from these mirrors and make communicate with her 'reflection,' as well as several other techniques that make her a deadly adversary.