Will be updated as I continue to discover music I feel fits the theme and characters of the story!

Just know that you will always see this- trembling, adored, tousled, bird-mad girl.
I fell out of heaven to be with you in hell.
I want perfection, I'm real need.
I've been drawn into your magnet tar-pit trap
I eat from your hands as a bird, with no fear
Desperate and weak and powerless over you
The unfolding of the year, and now our season is here... 
 That's all there is...nothing more than you can touch now
My friend confessed, she passed the test- and we will never sever.
I seek him clothed- o, shush, hush
Take a look around the see such mad things happening. There are few good men- thank your lucky stars that he's one of them.
And you reach out to touch me...but I am in the twilight
But I can't see you every
Telepopmusik: Love Can Damage your Health
She's too nice to you...and you're too nice to her.
There's part of me you'll never know...
Her eyes...she's on the dark side.
Change everything you are, and everything you were.
Cold silence has a tendency to atophy any sense of compassion...between Supposed lovers...between supposed brothers.
And if you're guilt, then I'm the shame. And if I'm hurt, then you're the blame.
But I'm more than just a little curious how you're going to go about making your amends
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: The Sweets
Who you following? Who you starting to move like?
Take these broken wings and learn to fly.
Most faithful mirror...
Maybe in'll want to be mine.